Friday, September 4, 2009

Tamari Garlic Green Beans

Be a lazy cook, & still impress with this yummy side dish! This was actually what I served to my fiance along with an entree, the very first time I EVER cooked for him! He was so impressed! He thought for sure I had some amazing & complicated secret on how to make them! But I didn't! Take took me a total of 15 mins to cook! He kept taking a little bit, then coming back for more & more of them. *Note: This was when we first started dating aka pre-vegetable loving days ;)

Tamari (very similar to Soy Sauce with less sodium) or Soy Sauce  approx 2 Tbl
Garlic freshly minced  approx 4 cloves
Olive Oil approx 1/4 cup
Green Beans (fresh or frozen) approx 5 cups or 1/2 bag frozen
Chili Flakes to taste if desired
How to make it:
1) Heat frying pan with olive oil.
2) Add minced garlic cook approx 30 secs.
3) Add beans and Tamari (& Chili Flakes if spiciness desired)
4) Cook until warm but still firm approx 5 mins and probably 10 mins for frozen.
Great paired with Red Wine & Beef Stroganoff! See my recipe here


  1. Ce blog est très très appétissant ! J'ai dû prendre 1 kilo à la vision des suprbes photos ! ! !...
    I'll come back !...
    See you !...

    Ciao !....;-)

  2. Okay that looks super easy and sounds delicious! Green beans is something I have never actually bought but I think this recipe is enough to convince me to pick some up!