Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stuffed Garlic Turkey Burgers!

2 lbs Ground Turkey 
1 Head Garlic (or less depending on how much your like Garlic) 
8 Kalamata Olives (opt) 
1/4 t Red Pepper Flakes 
2 t Dried Minced Onion
Italian Seasoning (or whatever your favorite seasoning is)
1 egg + plus 2-3 to fry and put on top patties
Ground Pepper to Taste
Monterey Jack Cheese (or any favorite cheese)
Olive Oil for frying 
medium frying pan
tomatoes (opt)
lettuce (opt)
sliced yellow onion (opt)

Peel garlic, I am a big fan of the smash technique. I just lightly smash each clove with the flat side of my knife which loosens the skin making it easier to peel or hit it harder to break up the garlic into chunks.

1) Heat up a frying pan with olive oil at medium low heat and add the chunks of garlic. Roughly chop some Kalamata Olives and add them along with some of the juice from their container (approx 1 T) and let cook for 1-2 mins take off stove before the garlic starts to brown.

2) Pour Ground Turkey into a mixing bowl and add, red pepper, dried minced onion, half of 1 beaten egg, Italian Seasoning, black pepper. 

3) Divide turkey into 4 (for 2 burgers) or 6 (for 3 burgers) balls depending on how large you like your patties to be.

4) Flatten each patty and set aside half of them. Take 5-8 chunks of garlic out of the oil and olives mixture and place them evenly on top the flattened patties .

5) Lay 1 of the patties from those set aside on top of each the patties that have garlic on them . And sandwich them together, squishing the outer edges together and re molding into a patty shape really well to keep them from falling apart while frying. 

6) Heat oil to medium heat and place your burgers in it to begin frying. Cook until there is no longer any pink meat. 

7)When they are almost finished cooking, fry eggs to put on top you can add the left over olives & garlic to them or pour them on top after they are cooked, slice some cheese, onions & tomato and lettuce.

8) Assemble with Mayo, Ketchup on your favorite kind of buns, and add all the fixings as you desire!


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